The POS Show: Trump letting go and Penn State

Warning: There is some adult language and content on this episode (PG-13).

On this episode of The P.O.S. Show, Joel Sawyer and I wonder why President Trump struggles to let little things go. It’s one thing to have an ongoing battle with the media or a political opponent. It’s quite another to let a sad situation like the death of a soldier turn into senseless mud-slinging. Someone on some end of the latest controversy has to be the bigger person and that should be the President of the United States.

Penn State seemed destined for the abyss after the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Then, James Franklin got to town and the Keystone State native that turned Vanderbilt into a winner immediately started doing what he does best- recruiting talent, breathing life and fostering a sense of belief into a program. Look at the Nittany Lions now!

Other topics include: Russian Trolls, NFL quarterback evaluation and why it sucks, happiness for Houston and the Astros after all they’ve been through, Graham and Trump and golfing and a whole lot more.

Listen to the latest episode below if you love America or just fun.

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